Fuel Quality and Filtration Services by C-3

Water ingress is a major concern for any storage tank system, but this holds especially true for owners and operators of Diesel tanks. Since the introduction of low sulfur Diesel fuel and Biodiesel blends, poor performance issues and equipment failures have notably increased. New additives used in the various blends of modern Diesel fuels are allowing the fuel to absorb more water than the older blends most tanks were designed to store. Suspended or "emulsified" water promotes in-tank microbe and bacterial growth, greatly accelerates internal tank corrosion, and dramatically decreases the shelf life of standing fuel.

Multiple studies have confirmed this and regulations have been modified to include fuel quality compliance as a requirement for certain owners and operators. C-3 utilizes the standards and equipment of industry leader DieselPure to offer our customers a solution for fuel quality concerns.

Let our specialists handle your:

  • DieselPure system exceeds requirements of SAE J1488 ver. 2010
  • Compliance with NFPA 110-2013
  • Multi-level sample and analysis of standing fuel
  • Scheduled periodic sampling for service stations
  • Scheduled periodic sampling and polishing for standby facilities
  • Scheduled periodic sampling and polishing for emergency facilities

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