Fuel Quality Services by C-3

Water ingress is a major concern for all storage tank systems. Water ingress in ethanol blended gasoline tanks can cause major issues for customer vehicles. With the introduction of low sulfur Diesel fuel and Biodiesel blends, poor performance issues and equipment failures have notably increased in tank systems and customer vehicles. Water ingress in Diesel and Biodiesel tanks has since been proven to accelerate microbial growth, which in turn leads to internal corrosion and eventual catastrophic failure. 

Regulations have been modified to include fuel quality compliance as a requirement for certain owners and operators, specifically tanks utilized for emergency operations at front line facilities. Our technicians are available to inspect your tank system and can advise on corrective actions as needed. 

Our technicians can provide:

  • Scheduled periodic sampling for standby and emergency facilities
  • Scheduled periodic sampling for service stations
  • Water removal during periodic sampling
  • Introduction of biocide and fuel stabilizer for standby and emergency systems 
  • Water removal after failures or other catastrophic events 
  • Tank cleaning service via Gamajet to resolve poor performance issues
  • Fuel Polishing service via DieselPure to remove emulsified water 

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