Monthly Walkthrough Inspections by C-3

Every underground storage tank facility is subject to inspection by federal, state or local authorities. Even a single violation can result in delivery bans on your tanks or a large penalty assessment. Many of these deficiencies can be identified and resolved by performing a monthly walkthrough inspection. Our Compliance Management Program is specifically designed to be sure that your site is found to be free of these deficiencies at all times.

Our comprehensive monthly walkthrough inspection program was the first of it's kind in New Jersey and helped establish C-3 as a respected provider of compliance consulting and management services.

Comprehensive monthly facility inspections by C-3 include:

  • Release detection records review and maintenance
  • Comprehensive facility inspection by experienced technicians
  • Spill/sump containment inspection and maintenance
  • Impressed current rectifier review and maintenance
  • On-site review of all required permits, licenses and certificates
  • Detailed report left at the facility after every inspection
  • Internal inspection review by experienced operations personnel
  • Follow up notification of potential violations
  • Free electronic storage of all facility inspections performed

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