Vacuum Truck and Waste Disposal Services by C-3

C-3 is pleased to offer liquid and solid waste disposal services for our clients. We hold a New Jersey DEP A901 license to transport waste. Our 3,000 gallon vacuum truck is available for large jobs and our smaller 750 gallon vacuum truck is perfect for smaller locations. We can remove solid and liquid waste drums for transport and proper disposal. Our vacuum truck operators are experienced with tank systems and we provide licensed oversight for UST disposal jobs. The disposal department is available for both scheduled and emergency vacuum tuck and waste disposal service as needed.

C-3 Technologies can provide :

  • Tank bottom water removal
  • Contaminated water and fuel disposal
  • Drum and solid waste removal and disposal
  • Containment sump pump outs
  • Well service to support remediation activities

Fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (732) 348-8570 for more information about vac truck and waste disposal services for your business!